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12 months video access
6 months lab access
12 months video access
6 months lab access

Big Data with Hadoop Training

We are currently offering a world class Big Data with Hadoop training program for interested students and professionals. Registration for our training courses is open for anyone in the world because it is an online course.

Course Highlights

1. Taught by Srini Ramineni. Srini is also the founder of DBA University. His profile can be read here.

2. Students get 12 months of on demand access to our videos from a previous live online training on a 24*7 basis.

3. Dedicated Cloud lab access for each student for 6 months. (with an option to increase the access duration to 1 year.)

4. LAB Work also includes how to install and maintain a 3 Node Cloudera Hadoop cluster (CDH) in the Amazon cloud.

5. Lab exercises with real world data sets to challenge students on course topics. Many lab exercises contain JSON (Java Script Object Notation) datasets.

6. This training uses the Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop.

7. All students receive access to our high quality 250 page training material through Dropbox email download.

8. The tuition fee is $649 (all-inclusive price.)


Welcome to a new world. Welcome to the world of Big Data. As per a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, there are almost 200,000 Big Data analytical talent positions available and 1.5 million more data-savvy managers needed to take full advantage of Big Data in the United States. The transformational potential of Big Data is in the below five domains.

1.Health Care (United States).
2.Public sector administration.(European Union).
3.Retail (United States).
4.Manufacturing (Global).
5.Personal location data (Global).

Course Topics

Introduction to Big Data and the Hadoop Framework.
What is Big Data and what are the 3 characteristics of Big Data.
Introduction to Apache Hadoop.
History and current popular distributions of Hadoop.
Big Data with Hadoop job market and current trends and future predictions.
What are the use cases of Hadoop and learn about the entire Apache Hadoop ecosystem.
Lab Practice : Connect to the DBA University single node Hadoop server and browse its setup. Fully-distributed Hadoop cluster lab work will follow.
Lab Practice : How to setup a single node Hadoop server on your own PC.

The Hadoop File System (HDFS).
Introduction to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
What is replication factor in HDFS and learn about best practices in HDFS design.
What is the Name Node, Secondary Name Node and what are Data Nodes in HDFS.
Browse the HDFS using the web interface.
Identify configuration parameters for the Namenode and Datanode.
High Availability of Data and Metadata (Name Node) in HDFS.
Practice lab exercises working with HDFS using City of Chicago data sets.

Map Reduce computation paradigm.
Introduction the Map Reduce computation paradigm for Big Data processing.
What are mappers and reducers.
Learn about the distributed data processing in Map Reduce.
Understand the differences between Map Reduce 1.0 and the latest Map Reduce with Yarn (MRV2) version.
Learn about the different components of the Map Reduce computation framework.

Apache Sqoop and Hadoop.
Introduction to Apache Sqoop tool.
Prerequisites for the Sqoop data connector for Oracle and Hadoop.
How to import data from a relational database to Hadoop using Sqoop.
How to export data from Hadoop to a relational database using Sqoop.
Practice lab exercises with Apache Sqoop and an Oracle database.

Data warehousing in Hadoop (Apache Hive)
Introduction to Apache Hive.
Understand the components and architecture of Apache Hive.
The command line interfaces for running HiveQL: hive and beeline.
Learn about Hive Partitions and Buckets.
Learn and practice HiveQL statements.
How to work with the Twitter API to download tweets data.
Practice lab exercises working with real time data sets in Hive.

Apache Pig
What is Apache Pig.
Learn about the Pig Data Model.
What are the rules and syntax of the Pig Latin language.
What is a JSON data object and how to load and analyze JSON data sets using Pig.
Practice lab exercises working with real time JSON data sets in Pig.

Install Cloudera Hadoop cluster in the cloud.
Choosing the hardware and compute resources for the servers (nodes) in a Hadoop cluster.
Software installation prerequisites of the Cloudera Hadoop cluster (CDH).
Understand Cloudera Director and Cloudera Manager software components.
Learn how to perform Cloud Computing using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Lab practice : How to install a 3 node Cloudera Hadoop cluster (CDH) in the cloud (AWS).
Lab practice : How to administer, manage and monitor the Hadoop cluster nodes using Cloudera Manager.
Learn about Apache Hue web interface.
Lab practice : Use Hue web interface to input Hive, Sqoop and Pig commands.

Apache Spark
Introduction to Apache Spark.
Compare Apache Spark and Map Reduce computational framework.
Learn about Spark SQL and DataFrames.
How to store and analyze JSON documents using Apache Spark software framework.

Cloudera Impala
Introduction to Cloudera Impala.
Key Features of Cloudera Impala.
Cloudera Impala vs Map Reduce computational framework.
Comparision among Apache Hive, Pig and Impala.
Practice lab exercises using Cloudera Impala.

Apache Flume
Apache Flume and real world use cases.
What are the various components of Apache Flume.
Flume agent configuration.
Practice lab exercises using Apache Flume.

Course Reviews


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  1. 4

    i enjoyed my PL/SQL training class the best please to take the program i look forward to take more classes with DBA

  2. 5

    Oracle PL/SQL is a good course from DBA university, instructor is very knowledgeable. The course materials is very helpful for learning

  3. 5

    I recently took the Oracle DBA course taught by Srini Ramineni. I was impressed with the course and the way the material was presented. I have taken much more expensive training where the instructor simply puts the book material in a Powerpoint presentation and reads it line by line. This course is not like that. It is very interactive. All of the material is written on a white board and explained in a way that is easy to understand. This is a fantastic course and will provide you with a good, solid core set of DBA skills. I would definitely consider taking another course from DBA University.


  4. 5

    I have really enjoyed the Oracle DBA training sessions. I highly appreciate the level of patience and professionalism from Srini Ramineni. He is an excellent trainer with unique approach. I have never come across such intense, well-structured, and hand-on online training before. This is one of a kind. Thanks to DbaUniversity!!

  5. 5

    I have taken the Oracle Rac and Dataguard course with Michael Melchar. It was a great class. The lab was well designed that I can really get hand on experience for setting up the RAC environment. Without the help from Michael, I don’t think I can do it myself. I have been an DBA for 20 years but I tried to learn RAC. It was very difficult until I took this class. The price is extremely pleasant compare to Oracle. I also like the schedule that we meet 2 hours a day for 4 days a week. At such, you have a chance to digest the class material.

  6. 5

    I took the Oracle DBA course and was very impressed with the teaching method and course material. Srini is a top notch instructor. He is very detailed in explaining different scenarios, and answers questions very well. I have learnt a lot from Srini’s vast knowledge and real life working experience. I just had a job interview with a senior dba, and most of the questions asked were scenarios explained in class by Srini. I would absolutely recommend DBA University to anyone wishing to get into the oracle dba field.

  7. 5

    I recently took Oracle RAC and data guard class with Michelle Malcher, It was simply a great class. Michelle is highly knowledgeable, her course material and classes were very informative. We had sufficient time to complete the lab and learnt a lot and the course was pretty hands-on. I have tried creating RAC myself in the past but was never successful, but after taking the course it helped me and makes me feel very confident. We created the RAC and data guard environments on our personal laptop which is much better, even for future reference. I would highly recommend anybody looking for a career as DBA.

  8. umugwaneza Marie Providence01/23/2015 at 7:53 am


    As a DBA Junior, I took the PL/SQL Course in march 2014 and ORACLE DBA in august 2014 from DBA university. The DBA university has an excellent way of teaching and transmetting knowledge through its expert teacher in database administration and programming. I have improve myself and I met my career goal. The lecture and training materials are well organized , the lab practice was very helpful. The Instructor is very smart, patient and answered questions. I would recommend for anyone who is interested to learn this course, He won’t regret. I am preparing for next course with DBA Center of ORACLE RAC, DATA GUARD

  9. 4

    Interactive session with lab sessions and very useful tips during the sessions. No disappointment at all for anyone.
    Thanks to Srini.

  10. 5

    I have taken the DBA I, Srini is an excellent teacher. What I like about him is that, he is passionate about this teaching thing. He makes sure that you understand the materials. The most notable part of this class was, Srini would bring a up a situation from real world and discuss it in the class then solve the problem. I felt very comfortable with his teaching technique, I am thinking of taking the PS/SQL course with him.

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