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12 months video access
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12 months video access
6 months lab access
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Database Administrators (DBAs) are responsible for the design, implementation, support and maintenance of computerized databases in today’s organizations. The role also includes architecting, building and scaling databases for future data growth and capacity. They are also responsible for security, performance and availability of data to users and customers.

All the above tasks are performed with the help of a Database Management System (DBMS) and the leading and most widely used DBMS’ across the world today are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL etc. Out of these DBMS technologies, Oracle Database is the most popular and widely used database in the world today.

Database Administrator Job Growth

DBAs play an important and responsible role in every company’s Information Technology (IT) department. DBAs are also very well paid and the average annual salary is more than $100,000 in the USA.

Oracle DBA Training

We are currently offering a world class Oracle Database Administration training program for interested students and professionals. Registration for our Oracle classes is open for anyone in the world.

 Course Details

1. This course is offered in two formats.

a) LIVE training.
b) Video Recorded training. (can start any time)


a) Live online training using ZOOM.
b) 8 weeks course in 64 hours.

Saturdays and Sundays (4 hours each)


8:00 am central time to 10:00 am central time
30 minutes break
10:30 am central time to 12:30 pm central time

c) Remote Desktop Connection for lab practical exercises.
d) Training material PDF book of about 330 pages to each student.
e) The training fee is $699 (all-inclusive price)

3. Click HERE to download the training brochure (course topics and more details)

4. The lab exercises contain topics from the latest Oracle 19c release and also from the Oracle 12c R1 release.

5. Students can use this training to prepare for Oracle Database Administration I Exam Number: 1Z0-082 towards becoming an Oracle Database Administration Certified Professional.

The same training course can be used for preparing for the Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062 examination towards Oracle OCA certification (Oracle Certified Associate).

This Oracle DBA Training also contains various topics from the Oracle Database Administration II Exam Number: 1Z0-083

This exam 1Z0-082 also contains various topics on “Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL” and these can be mastered by taking our Oracle SQL Training

6. The course fee is $699 (all-inclusive price.)

7. Every student gets access to our 330 page training material PDF book through email download.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCA,OCP) Certification

Students can use this training to prepare for Oracle Database Administration I Exam Number: 1Z0-082 towards becoming an Oracle Database Administration Certified Professional.

The same training course can be used for preparing for the Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062 examination towards Oracle OCA certification (Oracle Certified Associate).

This Oracle DBA Training also contains various topics from the Oracle Database Administration II Exam Number: 1Z0-083

This exam 1Z0-082 also contains various topics on “Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL” and these can be mastered by taking our Oracle SQL Training

Once students complete this Oracle DBA Training, we strongly recommend to purchase the Oracle ASM RAC Data Guard training course also for getting trained in advanced DBA topics such as Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Data Guard (DG).

Course Topics

Introduction to database management systems and databases
What is a database?
Popular database management system (DBMS) software and why Oracle DBMS.
History and Current trends of DBMS and Database Administration.
Oracle database market share and about its current competitive landscape.
Tasks of a Database Administrator.

Oracle 12c R1 database software installation
Understand prerequisites for a successful Oracle RDBMS software installation.
Installation of Oracle 12c R1 database software with the latest patchset.

Oracle 19c database software installation
Introduction to Oracle 19c release.
Oracle 19c Release Update (RU) and Release Update Revision (RUR) concepts.
Install Oracle 19c database software on Linux 64-bit server.
Installation of Oracle 19c examples software.

Oracle database creation
Creating an Oracle 12c R1 database using the CREATE DATABASE SQL command.
Creating an Oracle 19c database using the Graphical Tool (Database Configuration Assistant).

Accessing an Oracle Database with Oracle supplied Tools
Using SQL Plus.
Using Oracle enterprise Manager (OEM) Database Express.
Using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

Understanding Oracle Database Architecture
Understanding Oracle Database Instance Configurations.
Understanding Logical and Physical Database Structures.
Understanding Oracle Database Memory and Process Structures.
Understanding Oracle Database Server Architecture.

Managing Database Instances
Starting Up Oracle Database Instances
Using Data Dictionary Views
Using the Alert Log and Trace Files
Shutting Down Oracle Database Instances
Managing Initialization Parameter Files
Using Dynamic Performance Views
Advance Startup and Shutdown scenarios.

Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles
Oracle tablespaces and allocation types.
Viewing Tablespace Information.
Creating, Altering and Dropping Tablespaces.
How to create datafiles with fixed size and auto extend option.
What are control files and how to view control file content in a trace file.
Moving and Renaming Online Data Files.
Temporary tablespaces and temporary tablespace groups.

Managing Undo
Understanding Transactions and Undo Data.
Storing Undo Information.
Configuring Undo Retention.
Comparing Undo Data and Redo Data.
Understand Oracle database read consistency.

Configuring Oracle Net Services (Oracle Networking)
Introduction to Oracle Net Services component.
Configuring the Oracle Net Listener (Dynamic and Static Listeners).
Administering Naming Methods in sqlnet.ora
Dynamic Service Registration.
Connecting to an Oracle Database Instance (local and remote).
Oracle netca (Network Configuration Assistant) tool for configuration file generation.
Oracle netmgr tool for adding database services to a static listener.ora configuration file.
Oracle listener administration and TNS_ADMIN environment variable.
Configuring Communication Between Database Instances (database links).

Managing Users, Roles and Privileges
Assigning Quotas to Users.
Applying the Principal of Least Privilege.
Creating and Assigning Profiles.
Managing Oracle Database Users, Privileges, and Roles.
Standard database auditing.
How to audit DBA login sessions and statements.
How to enable non-DBA login session auditing.
How to disable non-DBA login session auditing.
How to purge older audit trail records.

Used Managed (Manual) Backup and Recovery
Backup and Recovery Concepts (Redo log files and archive log files.)
Backup and Recovery Configuration (Configure the fast recovery area and ARCHIVELOG mode).
Introduction and planning for a robust Backup and Recovery Strategy.
How to create a consistent database backup aka offline backup (COLD BACKUP).
How to create an inconsistent database backup aka online backup (HOT BACKUP).
How to clone a database from a consistent database backup.
How to clone a database using Cancel based recovery from an inconsistent database backup.
How to clone a database using Time based recovery (Database point in time recovery) from an inconsistent database backup.

RMAN Backup and Recovery
Advantages of RMAN method compared to the user-managed method.
Create consistent database backups using RMAN.
Create inconsistent database backups (without shutting it down) using RMAN.
Oracle database RMAN backup metadata.
How to take a full database backup to a custom location.
How to backup archive logs only using RMAN.
How to create incremental backups using RMAN.
How to monitor fast recovery area usage in an Oracle database.
How to clone a database using RMAN backup-based duplication.
How to restore and recover a full database from its RMAN backup.
How to drop a database using RMAN.
Oracle database backup retention policies.
How to purge old backups using RMAN.
Use Data Recovery Advisor to perform recovery of the control file and redo log file.

Oracle opatch utility (Oracle Interim Patch Installer)

Learn about Oracle Interim Patch Installer (OPATCH).
What is an Oracle interim patch and how to apply it ?.
How to apply an Oracle 19c release update (RU) and release update revision (RUR).

Oracle 12c R1 to Oracle 19c database upgrade

Oracle 19c upgrade paths.
Upgrade an Oracle 12c R1 database to Oracle 19c release using dbua tool.

Moving Data

Oracle database logical backup and restore operations (Data Pump Export and Import).
Business use cases of logical backups compared to physical backups.
Various Data Pump Export modes.
Data Pump Import to import data from an export backup.
Advanced features in Oracle Data Pump Export.


The Oracle database job scheduler API (DBMS_SCHEDULER package).
How to generate a stack trace for ORA- errors (on-error diagnostic dump files).

Oracle Database Performance Tuning

How to handle performance issues in the real world.
V$ dynamic views for performance monitoring and analysis.
How to size the Oracle database memory structures for optimal performance.
Oracle database wait events.
How to trace database sessions using DBMS_MONITOR and DBMS_SESSION packages.
How to format SQL trace files using the tkprof utility.
Index Monitoring and internals of index maintenance by Oracle.
Statistics data collection for Oracle database optimizer.
What is Oracle automatic workload repository (AWR) and how to obtain AWR reports.

Real world life of an Oracle DBA

Type of Oracle errors. Valid errors and internal exceptions (ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 errors).
How to work with Oracle Support to create Service Requests.
Parlance and terminology used by Oracle DBAs.
Working with Oracle Forums for issues.
Productivity tools required when you join the workplace.
Scheduling JOBS and scripts through UNIX/LINUX crontab utility.

Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
For Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard we have a separate course. Please purchase it at for $699.

Oracle Database High Availability (RAC, Data Guard)
For Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard we have a separate course. Please purchase it at for $699.

Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent Oracle DBA Training Course


    The training course has been very good explained and described by Srini. He managed to make every technical training lesson easy to understand thanks to his explanation, examples on real world and applying the useful scenario and key areas along with practical work lab, which is the best way to consolidate knowledge learned from each training session. I´m very happy and satisfied to have followed all the classes along a best talented teacher like Srini, and can ensure I will continue to study in DBAUniversity.

  2. Good online Oracle DBA training


    Overall this was a good course. I was a bit frustrated that the videos did not following the eBook sequentially and instead jumped all over, thereby making it harder to skip over sections that I already knew really well. By the same token, I don’t think that the eBook was laid out in a very logical manner either, so even if the videos had followed the eBook, there would still have been some logical flow issues for me. I also think that a brand new DBA would benefit from this course having a more detailed section on Oracle architecture/internals — the stuff about the various Oracle processes and how memory is laid out and used, SGA vs PGA, buffer cache, etc… This course does provide a solid foundation on various basic DBA topics and is well worth the money — especially since the timeframe allows one to spread the course out over many months, rather than typical online classes that are for a single set week. That option was one of the things that really sold me on this class, as it worked much better within my job constraints.. I will be taking the ASM, RAC, DG course.

  3. Excellent Oracle DBA Course


    I highly recommend this course. I have recently finished Oracle DBA training course from DBA University. Srini is a very well experienced teacher with hands on industry experience. He explained the DBA concepts very well with real time concepts & LAB examples.This course is also updated with latest Oracle 19c videos, upgrade from 12c to 19c etc..

  4. 5

    I liked the way Srini explains main concepts by simplifying them and giving analogous examples. I also was impressed by lab works provided by DBAUNIVERSITY. Can’t wait to take RAC course.

  5. Oracle DBA Course


    I thoroughly enjoyed this class and have gained much knowledge.The instructor is certainly the best I ever had. He used clear and interesting examples to teach his material. Also he possesses the highest level of knowledge on the course . I really enjoyed the online course, I liked that everything was straight forward.I appreciate the effort put into the course and the notes. Thank you

  6. Excellent Oracle DBA Course


    Srini is a very talented teacher. The course topics are presented very well and broken down into easily understood concepts. The course has many online labs that reinforce the lectures presented by Srini. Srini says in the training, ‘Oracle is an ocean’. This training will arm you with a solid foundation and the confidence to successfully navigate that ocean. This is an excellent Oracle DBA course.

  7. Excellent On Demand Course


    I recently completed the Oracle DBA On-Demand Training Course with Srini. I have taken a few online training courses in the past, but the Oracle DBA Course has been by far the best experience. Srini explains all the concepts clearly, and provides step by step solutions to complex problems that DBA’s face in the real world. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build solid Oracle fundamentals.

  8. Great Job Srini !


    I took the Oracle DBA course in the DBA university and impressed with that, I took the Oracle ASM, DG and RAC course as well. Srini did an amazing job both the trainings. He explains all the concepts clearly and the training exercises are also very good. I bought the ondemand courses and he offered excellent support whenever I contacted him. I highly recommend these courses for anyone who is seeking a well rounded Oracle DBA training.

  9. Best Oracle DBA course !!!


    When i was searching for a live class training , i came across DBA University and signed it up.I thought it will be similar to most other recorded ones , but this was absolutely a class room training.The Oracle DBA course is prepared using vast industry experience , knowledge into the subject area made difference.Complex topics were also made into simple terms by Srini.The course material & help during Lab Practice , clarifying me doubts has made be confident over the period of time.Thanks Srini’s DBA University.Appreciate it!

  10. My First Online and DBA Class - Excellent!


    I recently completed the Oracle DBA class with Srini. This is my first online class and found it very impressive: the structure and sequence of the class, the logical examples and explanations, the book, the exercises, the classroom setup and lab setup. The class was recommended by a previous student and I am very happy with my experience with this class. It definitely provided a great foundation for my career goal as a DBA. I will also refer this class to my other colleagues and friends.

  11. 1 4 5 6

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