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Oracle RMAN Training

Oracle RMAN Training


One of the most important responsibilities of a Database Administrator is Backup and Recovery. Oracle database provides features for both offline and online backup of a database. Oracle supports both Manual Backup (User-Managed) and RMAN Backup. Using RMAN, one can directly backup databases to tape storage as well.

Be strong in RMAN Backup and Recovery

Almost EVERY Oracle DBA job description contains the line “Must have very good RMAN Backup and Recovery skills”. In short, if you are strong in Oracle RMAN, you can do very well in job interviews. Also in the REAL WORLD, the Oracle DBA spends almost 30% of his/her time in taking backups, monitoring backup jobs and performing database cloning (create test databases) using these backups.

RMAN is part of our Oracle DBA course.

We are currently offering a world class Oracle Database Administration training program for interested students and professionals. Registration for our Oracle classes is open for anyone in the world . Almost 25% of the training is dedicated to Backup and Recovery topics.

 Backup and Recovery topics covered in the Course.

1. Taught by Srini Ramineni (Founder of DBA University with 16+ years of rich work experience)
2. More than 25% of the Oracle DBA training contains topics on Backup and Recovery. The topics are listed below.
3. Introduction to Backup and Recovery
4. How to take offline backups of the Oracle database (cold backup).
5. How to configure Archivelog mode for an Oracle database.
6. Hot to take online backups of the Oracle database (hot backup).
7. How to clone a database from a cold backup.
8. How to clone a database using hot backup using the cancel-based and time-based recovery methods.
9. How to restore and recover a source database from its backup.
10.What are the differences between the RMAN method and the manual method
11.How to take a full database backup using RMAN.
12.How to take a full database backup using RMAN compression mode.
13.How to use the Data Recovery Advisor in RMAN.
14.How to purge old backups using RMAN. (Backup retention)
15.How to clone a database using RMAN backup-based duplication.
16.Introduction and overview on how to perform backups to tape.
17.How to setup Flash Recovery Area for better management of backups.
18. The Oracle DBA course fee is $499 only.Click HERE to REGISTER for Training 

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