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Remote DBA Support

1. DBA projects and maintenance work.

2. Remote DBA services and Outsourcing of work.

3. Emergency ONCALL Support.

4. High Availability Implementations.

5. Oracle, MS SQL Server databases.

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Database Administrators (DBAs) are responsible for the design, implementation, support and maintenance of computerized databases in today’s organizations. The role also includes architecting, building and scaling databases for future data growth and capacity. They are also responsible for security, performance and availability of data to users and customers. .

All the above tasks are performed with the help of a Database Management System (DBMS) and the leading and most widely used DBMS across the world today are the Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database etc.

DBA Consulting services/DBA Outsourcing

We provide consulting services in Database Administration to a wide variety of clients in various industry verticals. Our consultants are well equipped with the latest skills in Database Administration along with strong communication skills.

The following are some of our strengths in consulting services.

1) Strong skillset in Database Administration, including Oracle DBA, Oracle Applications DBA, MS SQL Server DBA, MySQL DBA etc.
2) Excellent communication skills.
3) Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
4) Great work ethic and attitude with a strong discipline in meeting our clients’ project and work related deadlines.

The following are some of the areas where potential clients can seek our help in getting things done.

1) 24*7 DBA Production Support and Maintenance including responding to pagers, emergencies and weekend support.
2) Outsourcing of all DBA support and maintenance. We have the experience and infrastructure to handle clients’ needs in all areas of database administration viz. projects, 24*7 support and maintenance, upgrades and new implementations.
3) Implementation of new projects such as database upgrades, advance feature implementations including database clustering, disaster recovery (DR) solutions and other high availability solutions.

For more information, please email with your specific needs.

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