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Oracle SQL Training

We are currently offering a top quality oracle SQL training program for interested students and professionals. Registration for our Oracle SQL classes is open for anyone in the world because it is an online course. Also there is no prerequisite required for this course.

Students can use this training to prepare for the topics required to pass the Oracle Database SQL Exam Number: 1Z0-071 exam as part of becoming an Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate. After this course, students can register for the Oracle PL/SQL training program to prepare for the Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL Exam 1Z0-144 exam. Passing these examinations will help in getting the Oracle OCA certification.

Course Details

1. 12 months of on demand access to all the videos on a 24*7 basis.

2. There are 20 videos in this course with each video about 1.5 hours in duration.

3. Each student receives a dedicated Remote Desktop Connection for 6 months of access. (with an option to increase the access duration to 1 year.)

4. Click HERE to download the training brochure (course topics and more details).

5. The course fee is $499.

6. The training starts with fundamentals of SQL language and goes all the way to expert level SQL topics. The training also contains topics on how to perform a comprehensive relational database design.

7. Students can use this training as a prerequisite course for Oracle, MS SQL Server and the Hadoop framework.

8. The lab exercises contain sample tables developed by DBA University with custom data records.


Oracle SQL skills are a must for any Information Technology job today. Furthermore, because of the standard nature of the SQL language syntax, one can use these skills even for working with a MS SQL Server database and working with Hadoop for Big Data analysis as well.

Additionally, there is a huge demand for Oracle SQL skills in any Oracle related software development position. One any given day one can find 20,000+ new job vacancies that require SQL language skills.

These skills are also mandatory for varied IT positions such as QA Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager and Big Data analyst roles.

Course Topics

Relational database design
Computer Database Concepts
Relational Database Design. An interactive practical example.
Optimization of database design by using Normalization.
Installation of Oracle Database Client software.
Installation of Oracle SQL*Developer.
Setting up Oracle database connections using NETCA tool.
How to obtain Entity Relationship Diagram of existing database from SQL*Developer.
Role of SQL in RDBMS.

Simple SQL statements
Basic SQL construct
Column naming conventions
Importance of NULL
Concatenation operator
Arithmetic operators and expressions
Operator precedence and Parenthesis
Character strings

Tables and Table Joins
Need for joins
Cartesian products
Column aliases
Types of joins
ANSI Syntax and Oracle Syntax for writing Join statements.

Filtering and Sorting data
Limiting rows retrieved
Using LIKE for pattern matching
Using logical operators AND, OR & NOT
Using BETWEEN & IN operators
Sorting data using ORDER BY clause

Oracle SQL Functions part 1
SQL Functions overview
What are single row functions?
Using Character functions
Using Number functions
Using Date functions
Nested functions
Data type conversion functions
Format masks

Oracle SQL Functions part 2
What are multi row functions?
Various multi row functions
Grouping data with GROUP BY clause
Using the HAVING clause
Sorting GROUP BY data

SQLPlus queries, formatting and reports
Logging into SQLPlus
Writing queries in SQLPlus
Substitution variables using single ampersand and double ampersand
Using DEFINE & UNDEFINE commands
Using SET command
Setting COLUMN format
Editing data from buffer
Creating and running reports

Nested SQL queries
Need for nested queries
Types of nested queries

Database Definition Language DDL
Creating tables
Modifying tables
Dropping tables
Creating and replacing views
Creating and dropping synonyms
Creating modifying and dropping sequences

Database Manipulation Language DML
What is data manipulation in a database
Need for data manipulation
INSERT statement
UPDATE statement
DELETE statement
MERGE statement

Database Control Language DCL
Definition of Transaction
COMMIT & ROLLBACK statements
Using the SAVEPOINT statement
Automatic COMMIT behavior in SQL*Developer and SQL*Plus utilities.

Indexes and Index types
What are Indexes?
Need for Indexes
Types of Indexes
Composite Indexes
Function based Indexes
Analyzing and rebuilding Indexes

Privileges, Users, Roles & Grants
System privileges
Object privileges
Creating and managing users
Creating and assigning roles
Granting Roles

Last but not the least
Set operators in SQL
RANK() function
Analytic functions
Data dictionary views

Course Reviews


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  1. 4

    i enjoyed my PL/SQL training class the best please to take the program i look forward to take more classes with DBA

  2. 5

    Oracle PL/SQL is a good course from DBA university, instructor is very knowledgeable. The course materials is very helpful for learning

  3. 5

    I recently took the Oracle DBA course taught by Srini Ramineni. I was impressed with the course and the way the material was presented. I have taken much more expensive training where the instructor simply puts the book material in a Powerpoint presentation and reads it line by line. This course is not like that. It is very interactive. All of the material is written on a white board and explained in a way that is easy to understand. This is a fantastic course and will provide you with a good, solid core set of DBA skills. I would definitely consider taking another course from DBA University.


  4. 5

    I have really enjoyed the Oracle DBA training sessions. I highly appreciate the level of patience and professionalism from Srini Ramineni. He is an excellent trainer with unique approach. I have never come across such intense, well-structured, and hand-on online training before. This is one of a kind. Thanks to DbaUniversity!!

  5. 5

    I have taken the Oracle Rac and Dataguard course with Michael Melchar. It was a great class. The lab was well designed that I can really get hand on experience for setting up the RAC environment. Without the help from Michael, I don’t think I can do it myself. I have been an DBA for 20 years but I tried to learn RAC. It was very difficult until I took this class. The price is extremely pleasant compare to Oracle. I also like the schedule that we meet 2 hours a day for 4 days a week. At such, you have a chance to digest the class material.

  6. 5

    I took the Oracle DBA course and was very impressed with the teaching method and course material. Srini is a top notch instructor. He is very detailed in explaining different scenarios, and answers questions very well. I have learnt a lot from Srini’s vast knowledge and real life working experience. I just had a job interview with a senior dba, and most of the questions asked were scenarios explained in class by Srini. I would absolutely recommend DBA University to anyone wishing to get into the oracle dba field.

  7. 5

    I recently took Oracle RAC and data guard class with Michelle Malcher, It was simply a great class. Michelle is highly knowledgeable, her course material and classes were very informative. We had sufficient time to complete the lab and learnt a lot and the course was pretty hands-on. I have tried creating RAC myself in the past but was never successful, but after taking the course it helped me and makes me feel very confident. We created the RAC and data guard environments on our personal laptop which is much better, even for future reference. I would highly recommend anybody looking for a career as DBA.

  8. umugwaneza Marie Providence01/23/2015 at 7:54 am


    As a DBA Junior, I took the PL/SQL Course in march 2014 and ORACLE DBA in august 2014 from DBA university. The DBA university has an excellent way of teaching and transmetting knowledge through its expert teacher in database administration and programming. I have improve myself and I met my career goal. The lecture and training materials are well organized , the lab practice was very helpful. The Instructor is very smart, patient and answered questions. I would recommend for anyone who is interested to learn this course, He won’t regret. I am preparing for next course with DBA Center of ORACLE RAC, DATA GUARD

  9. 4

    Interactive session with lab sessions and very useful tips during the sessions. No disappointment at all for anyone.
    Thanks to Srini.

  10. 5

    I have taken the DBA I, Srini is an excellent teacher. What I like about him is that, he is passionate about this teaching thing. He makes sure that you understand the materials. The most notable part of this class was, Srini would bring a up a situation from real world and discuss it in the class then solve the problem. I felt very comfortable with his teaching technique, I am thinking of taking the PS/SQL course with him.

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